My Approach

My approach is based on the theories of the Person-Centred approach to counselling and psychotherapy. This is a non-directive humanistic approach that views each individual's experiences as being personal and unique to them.


Take a moment to reflect on how many times you may have tried to explain to someone, for example a family member, close friend or work colleague, how you are feeling or how you have experienced an event. Was their reaction the one that you were hoping for or did you find yourself listening to them telling you that they know exactly how you are feeling as something similar once happened to them. Then as you listen to them recall their experience you find yourself feeling that you feel very different to how they did, added to that you walk away feeling unheard and unimportant. 

As your counsellor I will value you and your experiences. I will walk alongside you, listening to you as you reflect on your experiences and feelings, communicating back to you my understanding of what you share so I make no assumptions and fully understand your experiences as though I have lived through them myself. 


We will work at a pace that you feel comfortable with. This will allow for a therapeutic relationship to build between us. Revealing your deepest thoughts to a total stranger within thirty minutes of meeting them is an overwhelming thought on its own, trust and confidence build over time. I will not pressure you into working at a pace you do not feel comfortable with working with.


I will accept what you bring as your experience unconditionally and without judgement. We can often find that we have feelings of guilt around some of the thoughts we have. This can stop us expressing our true feelings and thoughts to others for fear of upsetting them, which can lead to conflict or breakups of friendships and relationships. So our true feelings can then remain internalised, they remain tucked them away in the back of the mind in an attempt to forget about them. Consider the mind as a cardboard box, with a lid, that we keep putting 'stuff' into because it feels safer to do that rather than revealing our true thoughts and feelings as we feel this may cause others to be judgemental of us as their thoughts and feelings may differ and we feel we do not want to upset them or lose them from our lives. Eventually the box has so much 'stuff' in it that the lid can become difficult to close and what is inside starts to overflow. We can feel that we have lost sight of our 'genuine' self,  start to feel so far detached and separated from our own beliefs that feelings of depression, low self-esteem and anxiety consume our ability to live a fulfilling existence.

Our aim from my approach to the way we would work together would be for you to gain a feeling of being empowered to unlock your own inner resources to resolve personal problems. The outcomes you could achieve from personal empowerment may include a greater ability to handle life's challenges, improved emotional well-being, a building of personal resilience and the creation of a more fulfilling life.